Kingdom Of Wonder

I had a feeling that the Lord would speak to me about the Nation of Cambodia at Angkor Wat. As I was walking around, I saw the parallels of old and new, reflected throughout the architecture and people walking around. But what really caught my eye were the hundreds of butterflies flying above the grounds of the temples. As soon as I saw them, I heard the Lord say so clearly, “I’m bringing new life to the Kingdom.” 

Bringing new life to desolate, isolated and war stricken places is exactly what Christ does. It is his heart for the Nations. This Nation has had such a traumatic past and history with the Khmer Rouge genocide in the 1970’s. A quarter of the population were wiped out. Educated women and men were murdered all over the country. Khmer people lost their entire families.

What I saw in my short time there was new life, new joy, new perspective and a new generation that will lead their country through healing and reconciliation. If you have time, read up on their history and go visit this Nation. You will fall in LOVE. 

Kingdom of Wonder, you are a gem of a country!

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