We all have a frequency, a sound and a pitch to how we communicate with others. God wants to do that with you. He knows the exact pitch to your voice and wants you to know His. This is a place and a space to communicate God’s heart and mind to others, with the intention of inspiring you to tune in to what God is speaking in your own life. We all have access to the Father, anytime and anywhere. Enjoy!


To The Babies We Lost

I’ll never forget the day we buried our child, right here in the mountains, right here in the wild. Grief hits like a wave and sinks down to my bones, I continue to release all the moans and the groans. I cry, “Abba, Father! Why do I keep bleeding? This isn’t fair and you’re the…

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Family Story

We all have a story. Our genealogy and family ancestry carries our names, trauma, hardships, celebrations and lineage, generation after generation. I grew up with the importance of knowing where I came from, who my ancestors were and how to make a life of my own. Now that I’m married, my husband’s story becomes important…

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