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“The Bible’s original readers may not share our culture, but they share our humanity, and the God they worshipped invited them to bring that humanity to their theology, prayers, songs, and stories.”

-Rachel Held evans

  • To The Babies We Lost
    I’ll never forget the day we buried our child, right here in the […]
  • Family Story
    We all have a story. Our genealogy and family ancestry carries our names, […]
  • Getting Wisdom
    King Solomon was a man who reigned in Jerusalem over all of Israel […]
  • Persistence In Prayer
    Prayer is simply communing with God. In this safe place, we have access […]
  • Will You Be My Redeemer?
    The book of Ruth is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. […]
  • Deborah, A Brave Lady
    Leadership is a complicated thing. We see this in our world now and […]