No Footholds For Me

During a solo trip to Hong Kong a few years ago, I experienced a wild act of God.  Before I was married, I often traveled alone and constantly covered myself in prayer. I was out exploring the sights in downtown Hong Kong and started to head back to the place I was staying, which was a Youth With A Mission guesthouse. Throughout the day, I had started to feel uneasy, anxious and spiritually attacked. When I returned to my guesthouse, those spirits were even more present. 

I knew what to do and how to armor myself from Satan. I took my Bible out and before I started reading, took my shoes off. I glanced at the bottom of my foot and there, so clearly marked, was a cross. This cross was embedded into my FOOT. I looked in my shoes and socks to see if there were any kinds of imprints or rocks, or something that looked like a cross. Nothing. God literally marked my foot with His cross, reminding me not to give Satan a foothold! Feeling the Holy Spirit rush through me, I opened my Bible and the first page I turned to read Ephesians 4:27, “Do not give Satan a foothold.”

We walk with authority in Christ. We have the power to cast out the enemy!

My prayer for you is that whatever your foothold is, let God leave an imprint on you and remind you that you are a child of God, covered in blood by the lamb. Don’t give Satan a foothold! 

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