~Tasirruk, to stretch, lengthen and widen~

The word “tasirruk,” means to stretch, lengthen and widen in Inupiaq. Throughout our time here in Alaska I have grown to love Inupiaq words and what they mean.

I’ve known many who have a heart for people and Corina is absolutely one of them. I met her a few summers ago when I had the opportunity up north to help lead a Bible camp. She’s absolutely an “Esther.” She fights for her people, mothers children who are fatherless and motherless and disciples generations. She is someone who stretches, lengthens and widens the heart of God all over her Native land.

I encourage you to get to know the Native and Indigenous people around you. If you go into their land, build relationships and friendships. Listen to their story and I guarantee they will listen to yours. Inuit people, like many other Natives all around the world, are a GIFT and we need to lift them up by listening, supporting and giving them their voice back.

Let’s stretch, lengthen and widen the spaces for Native and Indigenous men and women to speak.

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