Will You Be My Redeemer?

The book of Ruth is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. It reminds me how powerful kindness is and how God used a simple act of kindness to redeem loss and tragedy.

Ruth & Naomi’s story tells of friendship, compassion and the redemptive qualities God can use in any situation. Naomi tragically loses her husband and both sons, and famine spreads across the land ripping them of their belongings. She tells both her daughter in-laws, Ruth and Orpah to go back to their homeland. All three women are suddenly widowed and connect on a level that only grief knows. Orpah made the decision to go back home, but Ruth decided to stay with Naomi. Ruth had no idea that this decision, made out a loyal and faithful heart, would bring redemption and a King through her future family line.

“Your people will be my people and your God my God,” Ruth said to Naomi as they both wept through their grief.

Redemption is often found in the places you wouldn’t expect. The women continued their slow grief journey back to Naomi’s hometown of Bethlehem. Ruth met Boaz in the fields during a barley harvest and he showed her tremendous kindness and protection. Eventually, they married and had a son named Obed, whose family line continued all the way down to Jesus.

A widow’s story turned into a savior’s story.

It is often in the places we don’t expect or think of where God will redeem. Have you lost something and seen God completely turn the tides? Jesus has come to redeem the lost and brokenhearted. He makes all things good, even when they don’t seem good.

Biblical Principle: God creates a place for redemption anywhere.

Biblical Challenge: This challenge is simple and sweet. How can you help someone this week? How can you walk with someone like Ruth did, in their tragedy and hardship?

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