Family Story

We all have a story. Our genealogy and family ancestry carries our names, trauma, hardships, celebrations and lineage, generation after generation. I grew up with the importance of knowing where I came from, who my ancestors were and how to make a life of my own. Now that I’m married, my husband’s story becomes important too. I feel just as connected to his family as I do mine.

1 & 2 Chronicles are books mostly written about genealogy and family lines. More than just names in genealogical order, these books carry the story of generations that go through many obstacles during their trek to the promised land. It’s both a recount of the Israelites’ history and a story of obedience and disobedience.

Many authors of the Bible recognized the importance of writing down names and keeping their stories alive.

God is saying something about the value of a name! There is a valuable message in telling our family story.

Growing up I remember watching my parent’s passion grow for genealogy. I was eleven years old when I went to Norway with my grandparents and experienced the beauty of my ancestor’s land, farms, burial sites and the old Norwegian homes where many memories were made. I’ll never forget the cool mornings where my Bestemor, Bestefar and I sat with relatives I’d never met, hearing stories of their past, while eating a delicious Norwegian breakfast.

Your family story will most likely always carry a measure of pain. Jesus’ story sure did. If you look back at his family line and read the stories of his ancestors, you’ll read about oppression, slavery and all the injustices they faced.

There is importance of declaring your family story, breaking generational curses and knowing who you are and what God can do with your story!

It matters to Him.

Photo: Baby Kristin & My Great-Grandmother, Hanna

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